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Alpha Cars and the Environment

All salvaged vehicles contain chemicals which can be harmful to the environment, at Alpha Cars we aim to dispose of safely and in line with government legislation.

All End of Life Vehicles (ELV's) contain harmful chemicals which can be harmful to the environment, at Alpha Car Imports LLP we aim to dispose of these chemicals safely and inline with government legislation.

ELV Processing requires specialist equipment and processing to be able to recycle parts correctly.

Below are a few of the steps the vehicle will go through before the vehicle will be disposed of.

Remove Electrical Sources

First all electrical sources are removed from the vehicle, the battery is tested and if found to be good, is resold to the general public.  Poorer batteries are stored safely before they are sent to be recycled.

Drain Hazardous Chemicals

The vehicle is then moved to one of our depolution bays, here fuels, oils and any other fluids are drained from the vehicle and recycled where possible or safely stored until they can be collected for proper disposal


We remove any remaining tyres from the vehicle, some tyres aren't very worn and can be re-used on another vehicle. All other tyres are collected by a specialist company for recycling

Genuine Used Parts

The vehicle is then stripped of any parts that can be offered for resale to the general public, this can be something as small as original manufacturer body work clips to engines and gearboxes. This allows us to sell genuine used OEM parts to the general public.