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Vehicles for sale

Available Categories

None Recorded Cars & Commercial Vehicles

 None Recorded Vehicles are not registered as a Category D or Category C, these vehicles are usually easily repaired and put back on the road!

Category D Cars & Commercial Vehicles

The vehicle will be 100% repairable, the repair cost alongside other additional costs such as car hire, loss of use or even that the salvage of the vehicle outweighs the worth of the vehicle – often insurance companies will write off the car to minimise their costs. Repairing a category D car can be done cheaper with second hand parts and cheaper labour.

The write off of the vehicle will have been recorded with HPI.

Category C Cars & Commercial Vehicles

The vehicle will generally be repairable but the cost of repairing the car may have amounted to more than the car was worth. The cost of the repair for new parts plus labour will often work out very costly, however, with second hand parts and cheaper labour the car can be repaired.

May require a VIC inspection.

Recorded at DVLA & HPI.

Vehicles waiting to clear

Cars awaiting clearance.  These are cars we have in stock that may not be cleared yet, these vehicles may require inspection from an Insurance company, have finance still on them or awaiting a category.  We cannot sell these vehicles yet, but they will be available shortly

None Recorded Cat D Cat C Waiting